Maybe you need more time to buy low premium medical insurance plan Malaysia because you can’t afford it yet, so outside and in your car, you make sure that you are well aware of your surroundings and look out for any signs of danger. It seems a little too much, but to each their own.

Maybe you feel that you are totally safe in the comforts of your own home. The good news is that nothing outside may come to harm on your way. The bad news is that the hazards are closer than you think.

No home is without a hazard. Electrics, kitchen utensils, water and so on are beneficial, but can also be harmful in different circumstances. If you have a child, this is more worrying since your child does not have much awareness of these dangers yet.

Accidents are not a total guarantee at home by default, only if you aren’t being careful or aware of what you are doing. Here are a couple to at least watch out for besides the obvious, such as knives.


The abundance of electricity in your home means that electrocution is imminent when you do not heed safety measures in using them. A shining example is turning on switches or any other appliances with wet hands and fingers. Doing this can immediately lead you to electrocution and suffer severe burns or death.

As a rule, your hands must always be dry before handling any electrical appliances at all. Wiping your hands with a dry cloth or towel is the quickest way to dry them. Never use a hairdryer as you still have to connect its socket and turn it on.

For your child, their hands must also be dry.  You must also put away anything that they can use to insert into socket holes, such as screwdrivers and pens. Furthermore, keep them out of reach of appliances in case they accidentally mess up any processes such as microwaving food or just end up spoiling them by accident.


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Falls can lead to injury and even death if your head hits the floor hard enough to crack your skull and maybe bleed your brain. Even if you survive, chances are that your bones, especially the hips, may be dislocated, and you definitely do not want to live with that.

Keep your child safe in staircases by installing safety gates at both ends. The lighting and handrails must also be kept in pristine condition. If you have an elderly family member, help them move up and down, or install a stairlift. Otherwise, they must move to a new home without stairs.

Bathrooms also pose a risk of falling for both children and adults. You have a good reason to fear wet, slippery floors. You don’t just fall on the floor. If you are unlucky, you might fall in a direction where your head bangs against something before you slump to the ground. This can be serious enough to warrant a hospital or death.

Have rubber mats or even carpet your floors if you are at risk of falling. Towels can also work in doing the job of keeping your feet firm enough to not slip on water.