The issue of occupational safety or workplace safety should not be taken lightly by employers and employees. Regardless of the type of businesses you are venturing into,  safety is the first matter that should always be prioritized among employers and employees. We have seen the soaring cases of occupational accidents involving the employees at the workplace although the company, bosses and employees have done their best to ensure safety is prioritized by conducting the professional training on operating machineries, installing PATLITE signal tower Malaysia and many more, but the accident could not be avoided. In this article, we would like to share general guidelines on creating a safe environment at the workplace that are suitable to apply at any type of workplace. 

Clean Air At The Workplace

Breathing polluted air at the workplace can cause health problems related to respiratory systems such as asthma and coughing. The usual contaminants in the air that can be identified as the contributors to health problems are bacteria, viruses, mould spores, dusts, solvent vapours, chemicals generated or used in the building. If you are opting for air conditioning as the way to produce fresh air at the workplace for everyone’s health, unfortunately this way is not effective. The way to maintain clean and fresh air at the workplace will be better if there is appropriate and regular maintenance for reducing air contamination at the workplace after installing  the air conditioning. Below are the measures to ensure clean air by Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia (1996): 

  • Effective air filtration,
  • Ensuring that adequate amounts of fresh air enter the building,
  • Maintenance of air conditioning units including regular cleaning,
  • Preventing the obstruction of vent,
  • Locating equipment using solvents in room temperature areas or in non-air conditioned areas with substantial air movement and/or installing local exhaust ventilation.

Emergency Exits And Equipment 

As the employer, you should ensure the building that your employees work in, has the emergency exits and safety equipment at every unit of building, for example, fire extinguishers. Then, conduct a mock training with the nearby Department of Firefighters to train other colleagues and employees the safety measures that should be taken, explain and guide them clearly to exit the emergency doors with provided routes. By showing them the relevant exits, both physically and by the clear signages that display ‘’emergency exits’’, you are putting the safety of your colleagues and employees first. Make sure that the emergency routes are clear and adhere to building codes that first aid kits and emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers (make sure it’s not vandalised) and public access defibrillators are present, and that employees know how to work them.

Installing PATLITE Signal Tower At The Workplace

PATLITE signal tower Malaysia

The installation of a PATLITE signal tower at the workplace is strongly recommended especially at workplaces that require heavy loads of work and involvement of machines. PATLITE signal tower will deliver information communication that enables appropriate actions to be taken at call centers, control rooms, and other information control centers. This signal tower will help to indicate the existence of incoming calls, system errors that occur at the workplaces immediately at call centers and other facilities. Besides that, PATLITE signal tower enables quick recognition of malfunctions at remote locations. Therefore, all employers and employers will be aware of the current situations and can inspect as fast as possible the cause of malfunctions of certain machines. 

PATLITE signal tower Malaysia

Further interesting matter about the PATLITE signal tower is that it could help to lower the risk and prevent occupational accidents involving construction machinery, and other accidents occurring at hazardous locations such as construction sites. PATLITE signal tower will assist you by mitigating the effects of blind spots on big construction vehicles and machines with the use of LED beacons and other alarm devices. If the PATLITE signal tower has loud-voice synthezisers, it will help employees are aware of alarms even on noisy construction sites. 

We hope these three (3) general guidelines will help you to initiate the realisation of creating a safe work environment at the workplaces. Stay safe and put safety as the top priority.