Who is a sports medicine doctor 

Sports doctor or also known as a sports physician are individuals who have received specialised training in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic (musculoskeletal) injuries. Unlike individuals who pursued Bachelors of medicine and surgery in Malaysia, a sports doctor is someone who specially treats patients who suffer and experience pain while participating in sports or other fitness related activities. You may benefit from seeing a sports medicine physician if you’ve been hurt while exercising, playing a sport or doing any other type of physical activity. Sports doctors aren’t only for athletes, people in general who have sprained or hurt themselves while participating in fitness activities are able to gain treatment from sports doctors.

How does sports doctor differ from traditional doctors 

When you visit your primary care doctor in clinics and also hospitals, the doctor usually has a broad range of medical knowledge relating to all parts and functions of your body. This general overview is helpful for small health concerns, they might even refer you to a specialist for serious injuries or other types of chronic pain.but a sports medicine doctor focuses more towards conditions relating to the musculoskeletal system. These specialists address acute injuries and also offer the support that athletes need in the course of their training. 

Common jobs and responsibilities of a sports doctor 

Some of the responsibilities that come under a sports doctor would be assessing the current and previous state of a patient’s health. They are also responsible to diagnose any sort of injury and provide or refer to the suitable treatment for the injury. They also prescribe medication for patients and after that keep a record and constantly monitor medical reports of the patient. 

When do you need a treatment from sports doctor 

There are 2 circumstances of which you might need treatment from a sports doctor. The first situation is when you experience an acute sports injury. This is a type of injury in sports that happens suddenly and unexpectedly while you are exercising or basically just involving yourself in an athletic activity. One of the most common acute sports injuries would be sudden sprain and strains. This can include injuries to our muscles, torn ligament and dislocated joint. One of the easiest ways to identify this acute condition is when you have pain or swelling in your joints after participating in fitness activity. Another way to identify it is that you tend to experience a sudden sharp pain. 

Another condition that would require you to visit a sports doctor is when you experience chronic sports injury. These are the chronic wounds that develop over time. It takes place very slowly but gives a huge impact to us. They typically occur as a result of prolonged training or hardcore training that requires you to overwork.  Examples of injuries under this category would be injuries to the muscles in your shoulder and other joint parts in your body. Here is a guide for you, some of the common symptoms are consistent pain that you experience even after you have stopped exercising or training.