Mother care Malaysia is one thing important to know

When the baby is born we must know more about baby products that the baby needs. Also the medicine and the food that the baby needs can be eaten. We also care more about the baby. Actually we must think about a mother that has already given birth to a baby. If they do not care about themself, we the people that surround her need to take care of her. So actually we need to know about mother care Malaysia, this is all that mothers need. The mother also needs to buy and take note about it. For the new mother to take note about this before giving birth. 

Breast pump

Thing that is part of mother care Malaysia is the breast pump. There are three different types of breast pump, manual pumps, electric pumps and battery pumps. Why is breast pump the party? It is important for mothers to pump their breast milk. Why do mothers pump their breasts, isn’t breastfeeding better? There are always these kinds of people that will talk about this. Like we know breastfeeding is important but for the mother that has their own careers, how? It was not like they can breastfeed it all the time when they work. If they pump their breast and store it carefully with a storage bag, the father of the baby or other people can help to give the milk to the baby. So we really need to be smart about which mother care Malaysia. There are so many suppliers or brands that release this mother care to the world. 

Mother need some healing 

Time for self care

When you give birth, you still need some self care of yourself. You cannot just follow your feeling to keep eating, it will make your body be more big. Some people say after you give birth your body will gain a lot of weight. That for the people that do not care about their body. Taking care about the weight of your body is important, all the nutrition you need to take care of it more. Also some people love to say when you breastfeed your babies will gain weight. But actually you can look at some people if they can control their nutrition or not. There are just some related to breastfeed with weight gain which is the mother needs to eat more to get more breast milk. The fact is you just need to keep eating healthy food. It will make you get the breast milk the amount that you want. 

Baby blues? Take it slowly

There are some people who will have these baby blues that will affect the mom after giving birth. Their emotions are not stable after having a baby. Some of the people that had these symptoms you must need to take care of them more. The symptoms are like crying, insomnia, mood changes and more. You need to take it seriously because it can lead to depression. That was the reason mother after giving birth you need to take it physically and mentally because of this. Some of them are okay and don’t feel anything but for the people who don’t have that. That is because they do not take care of themself and other people do not treat them right. All the mothers that give birth need to take their emotion carefully because it will cause anything that will affect them. 


Everyting about best nursing pillow Malaysia

Breastfeeding can be one of the most difficult challenges for a mother who has a newborn for the first time. Mothers have to endure the pain of breastfeeding, the baby’s hard sucking or the awkward feeding position. For this reason, a number of products have been developed to help mothers and babies, including the nursing pillow, which is a great help to breastfeeding mothers. 

If you are a new mother that looking for the best nursing pillow Malaysia, you may contact Lanisoh for more information. However, if you are still unaware of how nursing pillow can help you as a mother, I will provide you with some information in the following article.

What is nursing pillow? Why new mothers keep looking for the best nursing pillow Malaysia?

A nursing pillow is a pillow designed to help mothers breastfeed their babies. This type of pillow is usually wedge shaped and is designed to help the mother lift the baby and help support the baby’s head and neck so that they can reach the mother’s breast more easily.

There are many reasons why mothers look for the best nursing pillow Malaysia. Often, a nursing pillow can help give a mother extra support for her back while breastfeeding. It offers several benefits:

  • Helps to position the baby correctly on the breast, making the breastfeeding process more comfortable
  • Helps to weight the baby and prevents the baby from slipping during breastfeeding
  • Lifts the baby to aid digestion
  • Promotes bonding between mother and child

How to choose the best nursing pillow Malaysia for you and your baby

When choosing a nursing pillow, it is worth noting that this choice can be difficult to make as there are many different types available. You will need to make some careful considerations in order to choose the best nursing pillow Malaysia for you. 

Size and shape: There are many different sizes of nursing pillow available on the market. In terms of shape, these nursing pillows include C-shaped, U-shaped, J-shaped and so on. You will need to consider which size and shape is more suitable for your child.

Filling: Nursing pillows are available with a variety of fillings such as foam, feather, or polyester. Consider which material is most comfortable for you.

Breathability: Nursing pillows should be breathable to prevent your baby from overheating. This can be effective in protecting the health of the baby.

In addition to this, when choosing a nursing pillow you also need to consider the quality and reputation of the manufacturer. Currently, there are many different types of manufacturers and manufacturers on the market. When choosing a manufacturer, you can refer to other people’s opinions, reviews and try to choose a brand that has a high reputation in the market and that more people buy to ensure the quality of the mother and baby products.

These are some suggestions for shopping for best nursing Pillow Malaysia. If you are interested in purchasing a nursing pillow, you can visit Lanisoh’s website for more details.


A Couple Of Home Hazards To Be Aware Of

Maybe you need more time to buy low premium medical insurance plan Malaysia because you can’t afford it yet, so outside and in your car, you make sure that you are well aware of your surroundings and look out for any signs of danger. It seems a little too much, but to each their own.

Maybe you feel that you are totally safe in the comforts of your own home. The good news is that nothing outside may come to harm on your way. The bad news is that the hazards are closer than you think.

No home is without a hazard. Electrics, kitchen utensils, water and so on are beneficial, but can also be harmful in different circumstances. If you have a child, this is more worrying since your child does not have much awareness of these dangers yet.

Accidents are not a total guarantee at home by default, only if you aren’t being careful or aware of what you are doing. Here are a couple to at least watch out for besides the obvious, such as knives.


The abundance of electricity in your home means that electrocution is imminent when you do not heed safety measures in using them. A shining example is turning on switches or any other appliances with wet hands and fingers. Doing this can immediately lead you to electrocution and suffer severe burns or death.

As a rule, your hands must always be dry before handling any electrical appliances at all. Wiping your hands with a dry cloth or towel is the quickest way to dry them. Never use a hairdryer as you still have to connect its socket and turn it on.

For your child, their hands must also be dry.  You must also put away anything that they can use to insert into socket holes, such as screwdrivers and pens. Furthermore, keep them out of reach of appliances in case they accidentally mess up any processes such as microwaving food or just end up spoiling them by accident.


buy low premium medical insurance plan Malaysia is not safe

Falls can lead to injury and even death if your head hits the floor hard enough to crack your skull and maybe bleed your brain. Even if you survive, chances are that your bones, especially the hips, may be dislocated, and you definitely do not want to live with that.

Keep your child safe in staircases by installing safety gates at both ends. The lighting and handrails must also be kept in pristine condition. If you have an elderly family member, help them move up and down, or install a stairlift. Otherwise, they must move to a new home without stairs.

Bathrooms also pose a risk of falling for both children and adults. You have a good reason to fear wet, slippery floors. You don’t just fall on the floor. If you are unlucky, you might fall in a direction where your head bangs against something before you slump to the ground. This can be serious enough to warrant a hospital or death.

Have rubber mats or even carpet your floors if you are at risk of falling. Towels can also work in doing the job of keeping your feet firm enough to not slip on water.


Everything you should know about sports doctors

Who is a sports medicine doctor 

Sports doctor or also known as a sports physician are individuals who have received specialised training in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic (musculoskeletal) injuries. Unlike individuals who pursued Bachelors of medicine and surgery in Malaysia, a sports doctor is someone who specially treats patients who suffer and experience pain while participating in sports or other fitness related activities. You may benefit from seeing a sports medicine physician if you’ve been hurt while exercising, playing a sport or doing any other type of physical activity. Sports doctors aren’t only for athletes, people in general who have sprained or hurt themselves while participating in fitness activities are able to gain treatment from sports doctors.

How does sports doctor differ from traditional doctors 

When you visit your primary care doctor in clinics and also hospitals, the doctor usually has a broad range of medical knowledge relating to all parts and functions of your body. This general overview is helpful for small health concerns, they might even refer you to a specialist for serious injuries or other types of chronic pain.but a sports medicine doctor focuses more towards conditions relating to the musculoskeletal system. These specialists address acute injuries and also offer the support that athletes need in the course of their training. 

Common jobs and responsibilities of a sports doctor 

Some of the responsibilities that come under a sports doctor would be assessing the current and previous state of a patient’s health. They are also responsible to diagnose any sort of injury and provide or refer to the suitable treatment for the injury. They also prescribe medication for patients and after that keep a record and constantly monitor medical reports of the patient. 

When do you need a treatment from sports doctor 

There are 2 circumstances of which you might need treatment from a sports doctor. The first situation is when you experience an acute sports injury. This is a type of injury in sports that happens suddenly and unexpectedly while you are exercising or basically just involving yourself in an athletic activity. One of the most common acute sports injuries would be sudden sprain and strains. This can include injuries to our muscles, torn ligament and dislocated joint. One of the easiest ways to identify this acute condition is when you have pain or swelling in your joints after participating in fitness activity. Another way to identify it is that you tend to experience a sudden sharp pain. 

Another condition that would require you to visit a sports doctor is when you experience chronic sports injury. These are the chronic wounds that develop over time. It takes place very slowly but gives a huge impact to us. They typically occur as a result of prolonged training or hardcore training that requires you to overwork.  Examples of injuries under this category would be injuries to the muscles in your shoulder and other joint parts in your body. Here is a guide for you, some of the common symptoms are consistent pain that you experience even after you have stopped exercising or training.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 101

You likely have seen what PPE looks like. Mostly because most healthcare experts wear them when dealing with COVID-19 patients. PPE, an abbreviation for Personal Protective Equipment is a crucial protective barrier against an infectious outbreak. Healthcare workers have the equipment ready in their ppe cabinet malaysia to protect their clothing, eyes, hands, and face to conduct infection control. However, not many of us keep the equipment with us, just in case. 

Part of the equipment includes gloves, medical masks, respirators (N95 or FFP2 standard), eye protection, gowns, aprons, boots, or closed-toe shoes. The equipment basically covers healthcare experts from head to toe. Nonetheless, other protective practices are encouraged as well. PPE isn’t the only protection that matters. Practices such as regular hand-washing, hand sanitizer application, and covering coughs and sneezes also help in preventing infection. 

ppe cabinet malaysia

Healthcare workers are always at the ready with a PPE because a COVID-19 outbreak is highly infectious. In addition, physical distancing is out of the question. Doctors must examine their patients closely, and thus a PPE is their shield. Add to that the number of COVID-19 patients they need to examine in a day. Sometimes, healthcare providers have to wear PPE for a very long time. Moreover, processes such as intubation and nebulizers would risk the virus making its way into the air. Thus, protection is needed to treat the patients who need these treatments. 

Can PPE be shared? 

PPE is for personal use only, hence sharing isn’t encouraged but with few exceptions. Reusing, washing, and sharing aren’t encouraged at all because PPE is a disposable item. However, researchers are looking for ways so that it would be possible to reuse PPE. 

Is PPE recommended for public use? 

ppe cabinet malaysia

For the public and non-healthcare workers, it’s recommended that they wear masks and there are even guidelines on when and where to employ them. Consider the number of cases there are, and the level of risk in your area. Apart from wearing masks, there isn’t any recommended protection equipment that the public should use. The only time healthcare experts recommend for the public use gloves is when they are cleaning and sanitizing their homes. 

It’s not recommended for the public to use gloves because it’s easy to transmit germs that way, from store to store. Even taking the gloves off needs to be proper and careful because the skin can be infected. Therefore it’s why healthcare experts strongly suggest the public wash and sanitize their hands regularly to avoid infection, no matter the time and place.