Natural Cleaning Agents To Try Out

Cleaning products come with long and complex ingredients like polycarboxylate Malaysia. At  times, these extra components promise stronger and better results. However, they may be harsher than you like. If you are on the lookout for more natural cleaning agents for your home, then here are a few to try out. The best part about these is that they are often cheaper and readily available. Mixing in a few other available ingredients can enhance their qualities. 


Lemon has acidic properties that make it great to clean greasy surfaces. Whether you choose to use lemon juice or directly rub the fruit on the surface that requires a scrub-down, lemon will have it squeaky clean in a short minute. Add it to spray bottles and use it as a window cleaner agent. Add it to your pots and pans. Lemon is perfect. Not only does it clean the utensils and the surfaces that need cleaning, it also leaves them with a zesty scent of freshness that has your whole room smelling clean and lemony. For extra effectiveness in scrubbing metal pots and pans, add the juice to your scouring powder to give them that ever-gleaming shine or present your cutlery with a new and brilliant metallic sheen. Lemon has been used for decades as a cleaning agent in many households of different cultures, so you are assured that it is an effective one.

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White Vinegar

Another brilliant option is vinegar. This one is also acidic and carries with it anti-bacterial properties to provide you with some of the best home cleaning results. White vinegar has a very strong smell that bothers many, so as a means to dilute the smell add water to it before you spritz it on any surfaces. This also helps keep the acidity in check because white vinegar is highly acidic; more so than lemon. Adding essential oils or lavender can help keep the smell neutralised while retaining an underlying zest. It serves as an inexpensive cleaning agent that effectively disinfects surfaces of grime and grit and oils. Find it in a local grocery store and purchase it as part of your groceries.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is not only good in your favourite baked treats and cooked dishes, it is also a very handy cleaning agent that many turn to when they forget to buy cleaning products. Unlike the other two, baking soda keeps surfaces odourless, though you can add scent to the surface after using it. Baking powder effectively kills bacteria and acts as a scouring powder for sinks, cooking utensils, toilet bowls and even shower and bathtub surfaces. It is cheap and readily available. Carrying a long shelf-life, it is easy to see why baking soda is another favourite amongst homeowners.