There are so many different things that can change our mood, feelings, emotions and behaviour. External factors and internal factors, both play a crucial role in how we perceive our world. The same goes to our consumption habits. Especially grocery consumption. How we do our grocery shopping is heavily influenced by various factors in the environment as well as how we feel about the experience of grocery shopping. 

Some people love shopping for their groceries online and can spend unlimited hours on their fresh grocery delivery in Selangor. On the other hand, others love a good in-store shopping experience. Most of us tend to love taking out shopping carts and mindlessly going through the supermarket aisles and exploring new product opportunities. There is something extremely satisfying about getting our grocery list ticked and stocking up our home with the things we love. And ofcourse, there is always a psychological process why impulse buying and grocery shopping are so pleasurable for many of us. 

But let’s take a closer look at what modifies and influences our grocery shopping experiences. These influential factors have great implications for grocers and store owners who are trying to improve the customer’s journey. 

Appetite And Hunger 

It is quite impossible to separate the role of our senses and the influence it has on our shopping experience. Our senses include the sense of touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing. Every time we enter a bakery shop we are overly consumed by the smell of freshly baked bread and cookies. When we enter a grocery shop we are met with a myriad of smells, touches, and tastes. The fusion of citrus smells from the lemons, fresh earthy smells from lettuces and other healthy greens, and heavenly smell coming from plump bread, there are more than one smells to resist as we explore. Our appetite and hunger is greatly stimulated by these senses and these inevitably play a role in our grocery shopping experience. The fresher the products smell and the more visually appealing they are, the more tempted we are to buy them. 

Music And Other Noises 

While smell and sight situate our appetite, what else stimulates our shopping experience? Our sense of hearing is also a part of the experience hence, the use of music. Many grocery stores and supermarket chains use music to fuel and energize our shopping journey. Slower and melodic tunes can make us shop longer while louder and happier music can make us move faster and energetic. 

In-store Promotions

What motivates us more than the pursuit of saving money? Many customers agree that receiving an in-store coupon or any other promotional sample boosts their motivation to shop. It aids their shopping experience and makes it more memorable as well. It is also likely that the customer will come back to the same shop they received the coupon and sales promotion in the hopes for more. This is a fantastic aid to build brand loyalty and keep customers engaged. 

The more grocery shops take initiatives to take care of the customer’s needs, preferences, senses, and motivations the better their shopping experience becomes!