Many people claim distance as a mere number but whoever has been in a long distance relationship knows it is not the easiest. It has completely twisted the primary motive of a relationship : to be there when our partners are in need. Your internet connection from unifi broadband may be adequately stable to conduct a 24 hours long video call, this advancement can never surpass the potential of being in each other’s presence. However, there are circumstances when we are not given the option on whether or not to be separated by distance, in that case, we have to adapt. It may be difficult and there will be times when you feel like giving up, but rather than calling it off, here are some alternatives for you to initiate for the sake of your relationship and not lose feelings. Whenever you feel like giving up, think about the reason your story with your partner begins, and the ups and downs both of you as a team have significantly overcome throughout the months or years; that would have you think twice. 

Maintain Consistency In Communication 

Now that physical presence is non-existential, a consistent communication must be run regardless. The both of you may not be capable of being each other’s presence for the time being, but a loving morning message can make a huge difference. After that, do not stop there. Ask them about their day, what have they done, have them update you on their health so on and so forth. Suppose they have just gone through a bad day, there are little things you can do to brighten up their day, for example, order them their favorite food through food delivery service, get them a bouquet of flowers; though you are not physically present to make their day better, these actions can. Saving up your budget may be a good life-habit, but break down those restrictions when necessary, especially for your partner. It is for the greater good ultimately. 

Be Patient

Understand that a change of behavior in your partner is highly anticipated due to distance, and that is completely normal. Rather than raging over it, forgive and forget because nobody wants to feel this way; it is almost a withdrawal symptom of two attached partners being separated by distance unwillingly. When you miss somebody so badly and there is little to no way to reunite with them anytime soon, you begin to experience a sense of irritation and frustration, as things are not going your way. In case you ever felt that way, be patient and stay optimistic. Do not let a temporary feeling ruin the empire both you and your partner have established throughout the years.