Everyting about best nursing pillow Malaysia

Breastfeeding can be one of the most difficult challenges for a mother who has a newborn for the first time. Mothers have to endure the pain of breastfeeding, the baby’s hard sucking or the awkward feeding position. For this reason, a number of products have been developed to help mothers and babies, including the nursing pillow, which is a great help to breastfeeding mothers. 

If you are a new mother that looking for the best nursing pillow Malaysia, you may contact Lansinoh for more information. However, if you are still unaware of how nursing pillow can help you as a mother, I will provide you with some information in the following article.

best nursing pillow Malaysia

What is nursing pillow? Why new mothers keep looking for the best nursing pillow Malaysia?

A nursing pillow is a pillow designed to help mothers breastfeed their babies. This type of pillow is usually wedge shaped and is designed to help the mother lift the baby and help support the baby’s head and neck so that they can reach the mother’s breast more easily.

There are many reasons why mothers look for the best nursing pillow Malaysia. Often, a nursing pillow can help give a mother extra support for her back while breastfeeding. It offers several benefits:

  • Helps to position the baby correctly on the breast, making the breastfeeding process more comfortable
  • Helps to weight the baby and prevents the baby from slipping during breastfeeding
  • Lifts the baby to aid digestion
  • Promotes bonding between mother and child
best nursing pillow Malaysia

How to choose the best nursing pillow Malaysia for you and your baby

When choosing a nursing pillow, it is worth noting that this choice can be difficult to make as there are many different types available. You will need to make some careful considerations in order to choose the best nursing pillow Malaysia for you. 

Size and shape: There are many different sizes of nursing pillow available on the market. In terms of shape, these nursing pillows include C-shaped, U-shaped, J-shaped and so on. You will need to consider which size and shape is more suitable for your child.

Filling: Nursing pillows are available with a variety of fillings such as foam, feather, or polyester. Consider which material is most comfortable for you.

Breathability: Nursing pillows should be breathable to prevent your baby from overheating. This can be effective in protecting the health of the baby.

In addition to this, when choosing a nursing pillow you also need to consider the quality and reputation of the manufacturer. Currently, there are many different types of manufacturers and manufacturers on the market. When choosing a manufacturer, you can refer to other people’s opinions, reviews and try to choose a brand that has a high reputation in the market and that more people buy to ensure the quality of the mother and baby products.

These are some suggestions for shopping for best nursing Pillow Malaysia. If you are interested in purchasing a nursing pillow, you can visit Lanisoh’s website for more details.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 101

You likely have seen what PPE looks like. Mostly because most healthcare experts wear them when dealing with COVID-19 patients. PPE, an abbreviation for Personal Protective Equipment is a crucial protective barrier against an infectious outbreak. Healthcare workers have the equipment ready in their ppe cabinet malaysia to protect their clothing, eyes, hands, and face to conduct infection control. However, not many of us keep the equipment with us, just in case. 

Part of the equipment includes gloves, medical masks, respirators (N95 or FFP2 standard), eye protection, gowns, aprons, boots, or closed-toe shoes. The equipment basically covers healthcare experts from head to toe. Nonetheless, other protective practices are encouraged as well. PPE isn’t the only protection that matters. Practices such as regular hand-washing, hand sanitizer application, and covering coughs and sneezes also help in preventing infection. 

ppe cabinet malaysia

Healthcare workers are always at the ready with a PPE because a COVID-19 outbreak is highly infectious. In addition, physical distancing is out of the question. Doctors must examine their patients closely, and thus a PPE is their shield. Add to that the number of COVID-19 patients they need to examine in a day. Sometimes, healthcare providers have to wear PPE for a very long time. Moreover, processes such as intubation and nebulizers would risk the virus making its way into the air. Thus, protection is needed to treat the patients who need these treatments. 

Can PPE be shared? 

PPE is for personal use only, hence sharing isn’t encouraged but with few exceptions. Reusing, washing, and sharing aren’t encouraged at all because PPE is a disposable item. However, researchers are looking for ways so that it would be possible to reuse PPE. 

Is PPE recommended for public use? 

ppe cabinet malaysia

For the public and non-healthcare workers, it’s recommended that they wear masks and there are even guidelines on when and where to employ them. Consider the number of cases there are, and the level of risk in your area. Apart from wearing masks, there isn’t any recommended protection equipment that the public should use. The only time healthcare experts recommend for the public use gloves is when they are cleaning and sanitizing their homes. 

It’s not recommended for the public to use gloves because it’s easy to transmit germs that way, from store to store. Even taking the gloves off needs to be proper and careful because the skin can be infected. Therefore it’s why healthcare experts strongly suggest the public wash and sanitize their hands regularly to avoid infection, no matter the time and place. 

Why You Should Buy All Protection Rider Insurance Plan Malaysia

Why do you need insurance plans? Well first off, insurance is a way for people to manage their risks. Buying insurance will allow people to transfer the cost of potential losses in terms of your home, car or health, to an insurance provider in exchange for a fee (premium). Insurance providers will invest your funds securely so that it can grow and eventually pay out to the buyer once there is a claim. Next, insurance can help you own and protect your home. It will cover you for any repairs or damage replacement that is covered under the policy. There are many other reasons why you should buy all protection rider insurance plan Malaysia, so keep reading this article to find out more. 

Buy All Protection Rider Insurance Plan Malaysia

What are Riders? 

Riders are a provision that you can add to your insurance policy that will add benefits or amends the coverage and terms of your basic insurance policy. There are covers that protect against death and injuries from accidents, provide medical expense reimbursement, as well as weekly benefits for hospitalization. Riders are most often associated with permanent life insurance policies. 

Here are a list of the types of riders you may come across: 

  • Accidental Death Rider
  • Guaranteed Insurability Rider
  • Family Income Benefit Rider
  • Accelerated Death Benefit Rider 
  • Waiver of Premium Rider
  • Long-Term Care (LTC) Rider
  • Return of Premium Rider 
  • Child Term Rider

How much is an Insurance Rider?

The cost of a rider corresponds with the added benefits and coverage that it provides. Most are relatively low in cost, as they will involve very minimal underwriting, and less likely to be used by the insurer in certain cases. 

Buy All Protection Rider Insurance Plan Malaysia

Some uses of having a Insurance Policy 

What do you get from having an insurance policy? If you purchase auto insurance, it will provide you with the health care costs and legal expenses that are associated with injuries and collisions. Technically, auto insurance is a legal requirement. Having auto insurance will also help people afford repairs that may come along with your vehicle. 

Having a health insurance policy will help cover most health costs like your prescriptions, dental care, vision care and outpatient hospital visits according to your insurance provider. It is important that you find a good health insurance provider like AmMetLife to ease financial burdens of hospitalization costs and unforeseen medical costs. 


To conclude, everyone should purchase insurance policies to ensure that they are living safely, so that they can receive financial protection and coverage in case of emergencies. There are plenty of types of insurance policies that you can get, be it for your family, business, car or home. Riders are an optional part of your insurance policies, they are extra terms that will go along with your basic policy with an additional cost. You should look into riders according to your basic policies to see if there will be anything helpful that you may need in the future. You should check out AmMetLife for all the policies they have for their consumers.

Usage of Nursing Pillows

What is a Nursing Pillow?

The purpose of nursing pillows is to support and maintain your infant at breast height. You won’t need to support your baby’s weight if you have a nursing pillow. By putting the baby into optimal alignment with the breast when you’re sitting up straight, the additional support can also assist reduce back, shoulder, and neck pain. According to a new publication, breastfeeding can be difficult, especially for first-time mothers. You will need to discover the best nursing techniques with your infant. It might or might not go well. At this point, a breastfeeding cushion can be quite useful. An affordable nursing pillow is readily available. They are all easily accessible online.

best nursing pillow

Main Usage & Benefits of Using Nursing Pillows

  • Nursing pillows support your back, neck and shoulders.

In the first few months, your baby will eat frequently, up to 10 times each day, and each feed may last an hour or more. It pays to be comfy because you’ll spend the most of the day sitting down while breastfeeding a baby. Since you’ll already have enough to worry about as a new mom, the last thing you need is to need to visit a chiropractor because you hurt your back while nursing. By using a pillow, you can avoid using your shoulders by making sure your infant is at the proper height for your breast. Your neck and shoulders may unwind because your back is supported.

  • You can use nursing pillows while bottle feeding as well.

Buying a pillow is a terrific method to ensure that your posture endures because occasionally breastfeeding a bottle-fed infant can be even more hard on your back and shoulders!

best nursing pillow
  • Helps You Breastfeed While Recovering From C-Section. 

Your nursing cushion will become your closest buddy because it provides a barrier between your belly and the baby.

  • Your baby will be encouraged to properly latch while breastfeeding. 

Your baby will be at the proper feeding height with the help of nursing pillows, which can help with latching.

  • Nursing pillows do not only have to be used during nursing. 

They can be used for tummy time under adult supervision as well as to support your baby as she grows (this was actually their intended function!).

best nursing pillow

Criterias of the Perfect & Best Nursing Pillow

When you are shopping at a physical store or shopping online for a nursing pillow, you certainly want the best nursing pillpe. The best nursing pillow should be firm but not overly so. Similar to how your ordinary pillow conforms to the shape of your head, you want it to “mould” to your body as well as be firm enough to support your growing kid. The nursing pillow should be made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials, and has a cover that is detachable and washable. Buy a backup cover if you can; you’ll be glad you did. For more information, click here

A guide to the best containers for food preparation and storage

In order to prepare healthful meals for the next week and a half or more, you’ve invested a lot of time and work. If you want to get the most out of the effort you put in, pack your food in containers of high quality.

Use the proper containers for meal preparation and your food will keep fresher for a longer amount of time and continue to taste as good as when you first packed it.

Reducing the quantity of food wasted begins with avoiding spills and keeping a clear view of the contents of the refrigerator. Both of these concerns may be alleviated by using high-quality containers.

It’s impossible to choose the greatest option when there are more than a million options to consider. As you buy the best containers to use for meal prep malaysia you can expect the best choices.

best containers to use for meal prep malaysia

Containers for Meal Preparation: What to Look for

Before you go out to the store or start filling your online shopping cart with containers, keep these points in mind.

To keep out the outside air, use containers with a tight-fitting cover. According to the expert, airtight lids keep food fresher longer since they prevent air from getting into the container. Additionally, if a container is knocked over, they may help prevent unpleasant spillage.

Invest in a variety of sizes. To make the most of your refrigerator’s capacity, try storing food in a variety of containers with varying capacities. Cooking big quantities of food at once may be time-consuming, so use smaller containers for portioning out individual servings that you can take for lunch or freeze.

Verify the safety of the plastic containers you want to use. Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates, both of which have the potential to interfere with endocrine function, are found in many plastic containers. When plastic is heated or exposed to extreme light, these chemicals may leach into food. It is more likely that leaching occurs when food is hot or wet, although it may also occur if the food is dry. It is easy to see exactly what is inside a glass container since it is clear. Glass containers do not contain any chemicals that interfere with the endocrine system. Before purchasing a plastic product, be sure it doesn’t contain any BPA.

The Top Meal Prep Containers

All of your meal prep container needs are covered here, whether you’re looking for a basic glass container, a BPA-free plastic option, or a container to carry your smoothies.

best containers to use for meal prep malaysia

Best multi-pack glass

This 24-piece set of glass containers includes both round and rectangular containers in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the best fit for your needs. Also safe for use are the stovetop oven, microwave oven, and the freezer. Certain care must be taken to ensure that glass containers do not shatter during the thawing process when they are frozen.

Largest Glass Jars and Bottles

Storage of large amounts of almost anything is made simple with the eight containers each holding 30 ounces. As long as they have lids that lock and snap on, these containers are safe to use in an oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without the lids.

best containers to use for meal prep malaysia

Plastic Meal Prep Containers of the Highest Quality

These are available in three sizes. They include six 25-ounce and 11-ounce containers, as well as two rectangular ones that can carry up to 59 Oz. For a week’s worth of breakfasts, lunches, and supper, these containers are great. Furthermore, the lids are airtight and resistant to leaking, making the plastic suitable for use in the microwave as well.