These days, you are able to see the use of technology just about anywhere. From the public transportation, we use to get to work every day to the tools we utilise to complete said work, all the way to the appliances we use to prepare ourselves every morning. Simply put, we humans aren’t able to live without technology now. Such is our dependency on them. 

Presently, our advancement of technology is progressively improving, seeing as how modern technology is heading towards an age where we require no humans to operate them. In particular, I would like to talk about the development of self-service kiosk machines that can be found in several set locations. But before I dive into the topic of where it can be found and how it is used, let’s first discuss this.

touch screen kiosks that can be found in Malaysia.

What Are Self-Service Kiosks? 

Self-service kiosks are small, handy machines built to aid in reducing the workload of humans. It’s essentially a machine that lets the customer communicate their needs directly to the organisation. The kiosks are programmed to function in a certain way. The differences in its programming depend on the type of kiosk machine. Listed here are certain types of touch screen kiosks that can be found in Malaysia

Uses of Kiosks in Restaurants

One of the kiosks that can be found is located in restaurants. The most common are those in McDonald’s. These kiosks are programmed to strategically display the list of food that is being sold at McDonald’s. The menu displayed is well-organised and categorised based on the type of food. Customers will be able to browse through what is available and simply touch the screen to select the food that they wish to purchase. After choosing all that they wished to buy, the food will be added to the checkout ‘cart’. Customers will simply need to select the payment options such as ‘pay at the counter’, ‘credit/debit card’ or ‘e-wallet’, and pay for their food. 

Uses of Kiosks in Hospitals

Moving on, we have kiosk machines that can be found in hospitals. These touch screen kiosks serve many purposes. From preparing registration forms to coordinating patients, to preparing receipts. Some kiosks in hospitals are also able to receive payment. This function works similarly to kiosks in restaurants. Additionally, these machines are also able to help patients self-check-in to the hospital without requiring the help of the administrative staff. As long as you know which doctor you would like to see and the general idea of what is wrong with you, you should be able to check-in using these touch screen kiosks. Simply key in the information needed, receive your number and wait to see your doctor. 

Uses of Kiosks in Banks

Many aren’t aware of this, but our infamous ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) are also a type of touch screen kiosk. I’m sure you already know, but just in case you don’t, let me enlighten you. These kiosks are programmed to process transactions made by you. From checking your bank balance to banking in money, to withdrawing money, to transferring money to other accounts and many more.