Going to college is a new big step that most students will take after finishing high school. Colleges life is completely different from high school. There are many new and surprising things that they will learn and discover. After all, it is indeed the most fun and exciting part of your life. If you have never leave your home, this is the first time you will be far away from the comfort of your home. Maybe, you will be in a different city, state, or even a new foreign country. 

Having a checklist will make you be more prepared and less nervous. So here are some essentials that you will need to tick off in your college checklist. 


Trust me when I say bring your own bedsheets. You do not want to use the old one or even worse the one that the colleges prepare. Bring your own bedsheets and pillowcase and you will be more comfortable. Plus, you can get any design or color for your own bedsheets. 

Storage box

College dorms have less space ever and the closet that they prepare will probably not fit all of your clothes and other items. So, bringing an extra storage box can help you to solve that issue. You can put all of your extra clothes or other things in the storage box and simply put the box under your bed. This will help you to stay organize and keep your area clean. 

Personal laptop 

It is essential for every student to have their own personal laptop because you will be assigned a lot of assignments and tasks and you don’t want to constantly have to borrow or go to the library to finish your work. Having a personal laptop can allow you to do your work anywhere and anytime. Besides that, you will want a laptop that has an automation backup solution in Malaysia, because you don’t want to lose all of your assignments and works. 

Laundry bag 

You need a place to store all of your dirty clothes and you can’t just simply throw them everywhere like you always did at your home. So, having a laundry bag can help you to not make a mess and it will also be easy for you when you want to bring all of your clothes to the laundry room. 

Lamp desk

It is common for college students to share their room with another person. Having a roommate means that both of you have to tolerate and be considerate with each other. Using a study lamp while your roommate is sleeping will make them appreciate you more. You don’t need a big study lamp, just a small one that can you can use while studying. 

Plug extensions 

You will use a lot of electrical gadgets and usually, college rooms have 2 sockets only. So, bringing an extra plug extension will solve that problem. Most college students will bring their own plug extensions and write their names on them. After all, you do not want to keep losing your stuff.