Lanolin oil is used by pregnant women or breastfeeding moms to soothe and hydrate the nipples. It is from the sheep’s skin that has similar properties as human sebum. It is used in a lot of products that we actually use daily but we didn’t know about it. It can be used in nipple creams, lip balm and also burn creams.

We all know, almost every pregnant woman and breastfeeding mom will have nipple creams with them to reduce the pain caused by cracks on the nipple area. But it actually has a lot more function than just that.

1.   Stretch marks – nipple cream can also be used on stretch marks especially when it cracks and causes itchiness on your skin. To reduce the pain, massage the stretch marks with a generous amount of nipple creams and it works wonders!

2.   Acne scars – scars usually appear when someone popped their acne and it leaves dark spots and makes the skin dry. Pat a small amount of nipple cream on it and rub around the scars area to help the healing process. It also moisturizes the damaged skin.

3.   Face wrinkles – have you ever imagined nipple creams fighting lines and wrinkles? I never thought that was possible but surprisingly, it is. Lanolin oil has anti-aging properties that helps to reduce fine lines and makes your skin look plump and younger.

4.   Shaving cuts – sometimes we can shave recklessly and it will hurt you. Having shave cuts is almost normal to everyone. Apply a small amount of nipple cream on the cut for a few days and it will eventually heal the cut. Trust me, it works.

5.   Diaper rash – if you have infants around you, you will need this cream too. It can be used for babies who have rashes and it is actually cost effective. You wouldn’t have to buy any diaper cream because it works just the same as nipple creams. Why buy two if you can get one with two functions, right?

6.   Minor burns – accidents might happen anywhere around you. Even in your own house. Nipple creams help to soothe minor burns from hot iron, hot pot or boiling water. For severe burns, go straightaway to the nearest clinic or hospital because it only helps to soothe not heal.

7.   Insect bites – you love camping and hiking? Or anything that allows you to get along with nature? Bring along nipple creams with you. It soothes insect bites. But if you got stung by poisonous spiders or bees, this won’t help. You can also get bitten in your own house, so it is better to prepare one in your first-aid kit.

8.   Chafing – it usually happens when something rough rubbed onto your skin or sometimes it happens when skin rubbed onto skin. It makes you feel the sting or burning sensation on your skin and in more serious cases, it might cause bleeding and swelling on your skin. Wash the chafed area thoroughly with water, wipe it dry and apply nipple cream as the soothing cream.

You can get the best nursing cream from pharmacies or supermarkets nearby. There are actually a lot more uses of the nipple cream. But make sure you don’t have wool allergies or else it won’t soothe your skin but instead, it will hurt you even more.