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How to Nail the Internship Interview

Going through an internship is both a privilege and a burden to college students. There are college students who think such since they think that internships are a waste of time without realizing the many benefits they could get from it.

They’d have to go through all the trouble of applying to different companies just to get an internship, but guaranteed that it will all be worth it. Check out Kerija for many internship opportunities.

Applying for internships is just like applying for a job, one could get rejected. Nobody wants that to happen. So to help one out, and to guarantee its success, here we have some tips that he/she can use to prepare better for an internship interview.


* One should expect the employer to ask you to tell about your experience relating to the field you are taking. They can prepare for it days before the interview. As much as possible, they should be able to think this through and come up with a story even before. They need to make sure that such stories are interesting and fun to listen and won’t just bore the interviewer out. They also need to make sure that they should be telling the story with the right attitude if they want to leave a mark.


* Resume can save students. Most students think that a resume would not matter that much considering it is just an internship. This is where they are wrong. It would matter just as much as applying for a real job. Students must be able to make time in creating a creative resume. This will help them get the attention and be chosen as soon as possible. They should be clever and witty on their resume. Rest assured it would get them in, in no time.


* Dressing correctly and properly would mean a lot to employers. This would show them how interested you are with getting an internship. It shows them how much you want such internship, by showing them that you respect their company by giving effort on dressing up formally.

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Be Enthusiastic

* It is very important to show enthusiasm during the interview. Interns would want to leave a good impression during the interview. This would help them in getting hired easily. Showing enthusiasm even during the interview will make it seem like they are someone employers should be interested in.

Practice, Practice and Practice!

* Then, another tip for preparing for an interview is to practice online, especially for introverts out there. Some people think this is not necessary thinking that they are good in communicating. But trust me, it’s going to feel different out there. You’d feel pressured, anxious, and nervous knowing that your fate of getting that internship lies in that interview. This is why it would be best to practice and look up interview questions up in the internet to prepare better. You can think of what you’re going to say, and what you are going to talk about so when actual interview comes, the words would naturally roll out from your tongue.

So those are just some of the tips one could follow. Rest assured, these tips will help them get the internship easily.

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