Battery is the liver of the phone and it is not good for your phone’s battery to be always drained and then charged. However, I am pretty sure as well that it is harder not to use your phone every time you want to just to extend the life of your battery, right?
You might be surprised as there are ways to extend your battery’s life without having to sacrifice. Check this out:

You can turn down the brightness of the screen. You see, it is the screen that uses most of the battery. While auto-brightness can do the trick, doing it manually can further save your battery. You can also reduce your screen auto-timeout. While the factory setting might be 2 minutes, I think that it just too much. You can have it from 1 minute to 30 seconds. That should be good enough. A darker theme can also help in extending your battery life as less energy is used. You can also give this a try.

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Taking your battery is one way of taking care of the entire phone. In fact, you can ask a phone repair specialist about this. For sure he will tell you the same thing. Check out original iphone screen to repair your iPhone and they definitely will satisfy you by their service!

All companies in Kuala Lumpur use computers, we are sure of this. After all, we are living in the digital age. It would be rather odd if we came across a business still using typewriters. Anyway, what we are trying to say is that companies need to use IT if they want to get work done quickly.

IT systems in companies can help in making the operations in a company more easy, quick and efficient. They have made it easier to communicate with one another through the use of emails and messaging services like WhatsApp or Slack. Document can be easily organized on computers and eventually stored on shared servers. Speaking of servers, mass amounts of data can be stored there too!

But with all these great things that computers can bring, they also bring along their problems. Problems which can really create bad days. These problems might start small with a PC acting up, usually it’s no big deal, just a simple restart and everything should be fixed. But the bigger problems like computer viruses and cyber-attacks can really spell disaster for a company.This is why businesses must seek IT support malaysia.

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