Apply For Pre-U Science Courses in Malaysia Today!

Are you just done with your high school and are now considering furthering your studies in tertiary studies? Well, look no further because you can start applying for pre-u courses today! There are a few courses available to choose from, and if you feel like pursuing Form 6 is daunting to you, then you can opt to apply for pre-u, or in other terms, foundation courses. However, if you’re considering taking pre-u science courses in Malaysia, then here are some things you need to know about science courses in Malaysia.

 pre-u science courses in Malaysia

What is a pre-u science course?

Pre-u science course is a course that prepares you for Uni, meaning you will be exposed to the basic foundation of science before heading off to continue your bachelor’s degree. In a pre-u science course, you will be exposed to the basic sciences like physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. You will also be learning other subjects like IT and business studies during your time in the pre-u science course as well. 

Why should I pursue a pre-u science course?

There are several reasons why you should consider pursuing a pre-u science course if you’re interested to be part of the STEM field. Here is a list of reasons why pursuing a pre-u science course is worth it:

Improve self-confidence and multiple skills

In pre-u, you will learn and will be exposed to the fundamental subjects you need to know in a science course. Therefore, when you learn all these fundamental subjects, you automatically get to sharpen your skills, as well as your self-confidence in all the knowledge you absorb throughout your time in pre-u. Hence, when you are well-equipped with these prior skills and knowledge, you will be able to expand and grow much easier once you pursue your bachelor’s degree later on. 

 pre-u science courses in Malaysia

A smooth transition to your degree life

As aforementioned, fundamental skills and knowledge contribute to faster knowledge and skill growth when you apply for a bachelor’s degree in the future. Also, by pursuing a pre-u science course, you are able to adapt and transition yourself to a bachelor’s degree as you possess the prior knowledge and skills needed. 

When you are able to transition smoothly into your bachelor’s degree, that means learning and gaining skills becomes more familiar instead of awkward. Then, you will be able to apply what you have learned during your pre-u into your bachelor’s degree too.

Getting a head start on your Degree

Pursuing a pre-u science course also provides a head start on your degree. You do this by exposing yourself to the lessons and skills learned throughout your pre-u courses, that way it will not feel too awkward or bizarre for you when you enter a bachelor’s degree in the future. Other than getting a head start, you will also be able to consider a more specific science field in which you would want to pursue your bachelor’s degree. 

Of course, you can keep pursuing general science in a bachelor’s like how you did for your pre-u course, however, you might discover that you are more interested in a niche field while doing your pre-u. Therefore, you are also able to get good career prospects too, since you possess multiple general skills in the field. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you have done much consideration of the matter, then you start applying for pre-u science courses to kick start your career in the STEM field.