What is it?

ISO 17025 Malaysia laboratories are following or any other countries in the world are one of the most vital standards for granting whether a laboratory is qualified or not. The ISO 17025 procedure will test and calibrate the laboratory equipment and facilities. Additionally, there is a various ISO 17025 versions by year with the most recent one being ISO/IEC 17025:2017, updated from the 2005 version. Despite sharing a wide range of similarities between ISO 9001 and ISO 17025. The latter has been said to be more specific in terms of competence which will apply directly to organisations that produce testing and calibration results. Moreover, those organisations that are based upon more technical principles will gain many benefits from ISO 17025. 

Another worth noting is that ISO 17025 as an international standard applies to all kinds of laboratories worldwide, regardless of size, scale, and calibrations process. ISO 17025 supports and allows laboratories to develop their management systems of quality, body, and technical operations. Facilitating a more synchronous system shared among laboratories across the world, providing common sense in terms of testing, producing, and safety protocols. 

Why do people need it?

Generate a synchronous working environment: as aforementioned, sharing and aligning with an international standard like ISO 17025 will ensure a shared foundation among worldwide laboratories. Certifying that their test results are consistent and accurate, widely recognised by the society that they have generated these results using industry-standard protocols. Allowing their test results to be applicable for such works as vaccine/drug developments, ADN-related works… Moreover, a strictly followed laboratory on ISO 17025 will provide a certain level of safety for related personnel as a set of basic safety protocols are shared among laboratories. 

Ensure product quality: as mentioned above, following such an international standard like ISO 17025 will ensure a set of industry-qualified equipment and protocols. Making sure laboratories produce a precise and consistent quality of products. 

Benefits of ISO 17025

Reputation certified: as an internationally recognized standard, it is highly regarded in the field. Therefore, providing a high credibility level for laboratories with reliability has been boosted for their testing, measuring, and calibration equipment toward the stakeholders. 

Performance guideline: since it is not an easy task, getting a laboratory qualified with ISO 17025. If a laboratory passes the test then people can be sure that the results produced by them are accurate and reliable, thereby further evidencing the quality and expertise level of the laboratory. 

Save time and money: despite the pricey entrance fee for an ISO 17025 certification, it could bring back more values that outweigh the costly issue. This is because laboratories that obey the ISO 17025 standard will save money and time on retesting their products and produce a much faster, smoother operation as the standard SOPs on laboratory equipment have already been introduced. Allows productivity and workspace safety to be maintained throughout the laboratory.