stainless steel pipe

You see stainless steel items almost everywhere. Whether you are walking down the street or going to take a bath, there would be at least one item that is made of stainless steel. You would most likely see a stainless steel pipe in your bathroom. That is how important and frequently used stainless steels are. There are numerous industries in Malaysia that would require the usage of stainless steel. 

The Many Uses of Stainless Steel

There is no doubt that stainless steel has many uses, especially for some of the biggest industries in the world. These are several industries that are required to utilise stainless steel. 

  1. Automotive and Aerospace Industry

The car you are using, some parts of it are made of stainless steel. The auto bodies, the engines and exhaust systems are the common parts that would often be made of stainless steel. The aircraft too have made use of stainless steel due to its durability and the look of it. Stainless steels are usually very smooth and shiny, and this is one of the reasons why they are often used in these two industries. 

  1. Healthcare Industry 
stainless steel pipe

Stainless steels are corrosion-resistance, which means they would not rust easily unless they have been exposed to chemicals, moisture or grease for too long. These are among the reasons why they are widely used in the healthcare industry. Other than that, as the healthcare industry is usually very strict in maintaining hygiene, stainless steel is perfect for that reason. They are known to have the highest degree of cleanliness

  1. Food Service Industry

The shiny utensils and cutleries you are using are examples of stainless steel usage in the food service industry. The reasons are almost the same in other industries. They are very durable and the look of them is presentable. Not only they are safe, but they are cost-effective too. 

  1. Engineering Industry

There are a few types of engineering industries that would require a lot of stainless steel usage. Industrial machinery and equipment need stainless steel due to its strength and flexibility. Stainless steel is known to be able to handle both hot and cold temperatures. 

  1. Chemical Industry

Due to its strength and durability, stainless steel is perfect to be used in the chemical industry. The chemical industry would obviously be required to work with many chemical substances, hence why they need something that can handle such pressure. 

  1. Offshore and Petroleum Industry
stainless steel pipe

This is where you would see stainless steel being used the most. They are usually used for pipeline systems. Some of the platform structure components are stainless steel due to the same reasons which is the strength and durability. 

These are among the many industries that would need stainless steel. There are quite a number of them that could not fit in this post. Somebody used to ask if we will run out of steel. It appears that we have a million years’ supply of it, so the answer, for now, is no. We can still see stainless steel everywhere we go and the usage of it can be maintained.