What are the top breast pump brands for 2022 in Malaysia?

Nursing takes a long time to complete. Breast pumps, thankfully, are available! To give mothers greater independence! Without jeopardising the health of the child!

There are also other advantages! See what other Malaysians have to say about the best breast pumps!

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The Different Types Of Breast Pumps

This article will mostly focus on double-electric breast pumps. Single-electric breast pumps are mentioned.

However, you should be aware that there are various types of breast pumps available in Malaysia!

1. Is it better to have an open system or a closed system?

Pumps with an open system do not have a barrier between the milk and the pump. Not exactly hygienic!

Because milk, as well as other components of the pumping system, can get into tubes.

As a result, as you could expect:

A closed system would be more expensive than an open one. It features a barrier that prevents milk from getting to the pump!

2. Breast Pumps (Manual)

You’ll have to do the pumping yourself to save money!

This sort of breast pump is usually small enough to bring with you everywhere you go! You can even put it in your baby stroller’s storage basket!

3. Handheld Electric Pumps

Pumps that are more powerful and faster than others. It’s also expensive.

Pumps that are only used once are less expensive than pumps that are used twice.

4. Breast Pumps with a Battery

Although not as powerful as electric pumps, they are portable! Because it doesn’t require access to a power outlet to operate!

Pumps that are suitable for use in hospitals

The motors in hospital-grade breast pumps are extremely strong. As a closed system breast pump, these are designed to be used by numerous people at the same time.

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