In every community, there are several roots of conflict that can bring about a permanent fracture. Finding dispute resolution can prove to be difficult and at times, unattainable because of the severity of the case. The extent of the problem depends on the people and how teadfast they are in their beliefs that they are right. While the law and adjudicating bodies can offer some mediation or a fixed response to dissuade violence, it may not successfully eliminate animosity. Each firm is different, therefore conflicts may also be varied. However, in some, the conflicts are compounded; layered to make it even more difficult to find a solution that can appease everyone.

Religion And Culture

Religion and culture are two of the most provocative topics in many businesses. Both of them are rooted in tradition and identity and therefore play an integral role in how entities view the world around them, as well as themselves. While some communities proudly boast a multi-cultural and rich-in-religion tapestry, not many are willing to allow for a healthy discourse on religious differences and varying cultures. While the younger generations are more accepting of differences, there is still friction that is difficult to simmer down. The emphasis of religious and cultural freedoms has made a large impact in communities, while severing several.

dispute resolution


Race is a major conflict that has resulted in several historic occurrences including slavery, emancipation and many others. Racism is systemic and, therefore, there is often a power play at hand. This allows the more powerful race, even in the same circumstances, to have better chances of getting ahead. It is easy to see how race can seep its way into business firms: job opportunities, salaries and job ascension are all affected. Race comes attached with different tandems including religion and culture, though being of a certain race does not immediately attach one to the culture or religion often associated with it. In an attempt to bring equality to different communities, governments attempt to teach the histories of the oppressed  to mend relations, however this is not always effective because of the enforcement system. In business, it is no surprise that many turn to adjudication to settle problems between firm and client.


Age is another factor that plays a significant role in conflict. With younger generations taking up the roles of activists for the environment, for gender rights and visibility as well as racial matters, they offer a marked difference from their parents and grandparents. Generational differences place emphasis on different values. For instance, in the 1990’s there was an emphasis on getting a degree and finding a job. Nowadays, tertiary education is seen as an option, depending on what you aim to pursue, and many of youths choose not to continue with it, but still end up successful. The arts are seen as a lucrative business, though they are still difficult to navigate. They are now easier to enter.