Creating a child in your belly is difficult enough, much less carrying it for nine months. Pregnant mothers are fearless and admirable for being able to experience and survive this event. The experience can often be traumatic, so we have to help them in any way we can.

However, despite the negatives, it is worthwhile. The feeling of having the baby that you made cannot be compared to any other event in the world. Babies are joyous and innocent beings that bring light wherever they go. It can be a hassle to raise them, but it is worth it. 

pregnancy safe face wash in Malaysia.

If you have just heard that one of your female friends, relatives or colleagues will be having a baby, you should buy them products that are suitable for them. A mother would feel appreciated and relieved if you get items that can either make them happier or make the pregnancy easier. 

Here are a few products you can purchase for them as a congratulatory gift you can give them during their baby shower.

Skin care products

At a certain time of the pregnancy, the mother might feel incredibly exhausted. They might even be fed up with wearing cute outfits, wearing make-up or dressing up in general. They feel as if it is not worth doing all that. If they are adamant about them, it is normal because after all, we are not the ones that are carrying a baby in their body.

However, to get her back on her feet maybe you can give her some skincare and makeup products. These products should be safe for the mother and baby alike. The mother might feel motivated to dress up and look good again, for herself and her mental health. Get her a pregnancy safe face wash in Malaysia.

pregnancy safe face wash in Malaysia.

Pregnancy Pillow

Once the baby grows in size, so does the mother’s belly. The womb has to accommodate for the size of the growing baby. However, this means that the mother might not be able to sleep in certain positions any longer. For one, she can’t sleep on her stomach any more. So, she would have to sleep on her side, which is not that comfortable either.

When she sleeps on her side, it puts pressure on her back as the womb strains it. A pregnancy pillow will help alleviate the issue. She will still experience some pain, but it would be mild. The pillow will allow her to get some well- needed rest and she will be ready for the next day.


Pregnant women should have self-care days as well. They should be able to pamper themselves after a long and stressful day, especially if she is working or if she has another child to take care of. Candles, particularly scented ones, can just do the job. 
A warm bath with bubbles, some scented candles and a book sounds like the perfect thing that can help the mother to relax. Nowadays, candles come in all shapes and forms. Some are traditionally shaped, and they come in traditional scents such as lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus. Others mimic real life objects and smells such as cereal and candy. Either way, it would be a perfect gift for pregnant mothers.