When is a nursing pillow required?

There’s a good chance you’ll be using a nursing pillow each time you nurse, as it is sometimes required a dozen times a day or more. About six months after the birth, the kid will have a better sense of his or her head and neck, and you won’t need the cushion. Also, you may have already figured out how to breastfeed without assistance.

 For monitored tummy time, nursing pillows can still be utilized. For infants who cannot sit up, they can still be used as a cradle. In the beginning, some babies fuss quite a bit when receiving tummy time, therefore a nursing cushion is a good transition pillow to help them sit up. It also lets them see and play with you and their toys more closely.

 One Boppy U Pillow (make one).

For 25 years, the Boppy U-shaped cushion has been the most popular breastfeeding pillow on the market. For when your baby inevitably throws up or has an awful diaper blowout, it’s machine washable. What I love most about it is that it can be used for several purposes: it can be used to aid infants who are working on sitting to provide some support, it can be used to cradle babies while they relax, or it can be used to help get babies ready for tummy time.

My original Brest pillow, Brest Original

This pillow is not just an amazing breastfeeding pillow, but it is quite useful due to its qualities that other pillows lack. My Brest Friend is made exclusively for nursing assistance, including a back cushion and harness to keep it in place. Front pocket ingenuity enables you to carry your water bottle, protein snack, nipple lotion, or anything else you may want to have with you while breastfeeding. The Boppy provides a flatter surface than the Brest Friend, allowing your baby to stay stable.

Nursing pillow featuring Frida Kahlo.

They’re also well-known for their brilliant innovations that magically solve some of the most irritating issues of parenting (we appreciate you, Nosefrida Snotsucker). Since you can personalize the pillow to fit your height and your baby’s demands, this is a remarkable feature. Additional clever features include smartphone storage pockets, water- and heat-resistant storage compartments, and a t-shirt soft cover that can be washed.

Supporting pillows for nurses

The DockATot nursing cushion is really fashionable and also quite useful. This ergonomic design hugs your body to provide you with stability during feeding. Parents like that the velvety velvet cover is not as large and burdensome as other nursing pillows, making it a great option for C-section parents. There’s nothing like it! This cool appearance implies you may leave it in any room and not mind.

lansinoh breastfeeding pillow

 The use of a nursing cushion may be greatly beneficial to new mothers, particularly when breastfeeding is taking place. It provides both emotional and physical care for your infant, and it also supports and stabilizes them. Additionally, a nursing cushion finds the proper neck, arm, and back pain and can lessen it. If you are interested in nursing pillows, you should check out the Lansinoh breastfeeding pillow.


College Preparation Checklist

Going to college is a new big step that most students will take after finishing high school. Colleges life is completely different from high school. There are many new and surprising things that they will learn and discover. After all, it is indeed the most fun and exciting part of your life. If you have never leave your home, this is the first time you will be far away from the comfort of your home. Maybe, you will be in a different city, state, or even a new foreign country. 

Having a checklist will make you be more prepared and less nervous. So here are some essentials that you will need to tick off in your college checklist. 


Trust me when I say bring your own bedsheets. You do not want to use the old one or even worse the one that the colleges prepare. Bring your own bedsheets and pillowcase and you will be more comfortable. Plus, you can get any design or color for your own bedsheets. 

Storage box

College dorms have less space ever and the closet that they prepare will probably not fit all of your clothes and other items. So, bringing an extra storage box can help you to solve that issue. You can put all of your extra clothes or other things in the storage box and simply put the box under your bed. This will help you to stay organize and keep your area clean. 

Personal laptop 

It is essential for every student to have their own personal laptop because you will be assigned a lot of assignments and tasks and you don’t want to constantly have to borrow or go to the library to finish your work. Having a personal laptop can allow you to do your work anywhere and anytime. Besides that, you will want a laptop that has an automation backup solution in Malaysia, because you don’t want to lose all of your assignments and works. 

Laundry bag 

You need a place to store all of your dirty clothes and you can’t just simply throw them everywhere like you always did at your home. So, having a laundry bag can help you to not make a mess and it will also be easy for you when you want to bring all of your clothes to the laundry room. 

Lamp desk

It is common for college students to share their room with another person. Having a roommate means that both of you have to tolerate and be considerate with each other. Using a study lamp while your roommate is sleeping will make them appreciate you more. You don’t need a big study lamp, just a small one that can you can use while studying. 

Plug extensions 

You will use a lot of electrical gadgets and usually, college rooms have 2 sockets only. So, bringing an extra plug extension will solve that problem. Most college students will bring their own plug extensions and write their names on them. After all, you do not want to keep losing your stuff. 


Bachelor In Fashion Design

The Higher Degree in Design, Official University Degree level in Fashion Design, will delve into subjects such as pattern making, dressmaking, styling, and search for trends, in addition to complementing their training with the necessary knowledge in photography, marketing and advertising to be able to disseminate his sign.  With this, the Higher Degree in Fashion Design of Widad is able to face in a creative and original way, not only the process of designing and making a garment but also understanding the needs of the client and the operation of the industry.

accounting course in malaysia

Degree › Fashion design

What is a Bachelor in Fashion Design? 

This versatile modern title may be the key to an exciting career in the fashion and apparel business. If you are fascinated with creative designs and clothing designs, this program can provide you with the tools you need to seek employment in the industry.

A Bachelor of Fashion Design is a three or four year bachelor’s degree that provides students with a solid background in the latest developments in the fashion industry. It’s a popular choice for many people who want to take their fashion ideas from original concepts to a lucrative interface with consumers. Programs in Fashion Design include intensive training in fashion illustration, pattern making, technical sketches, garment construction, computer-aided design, and the latest software used in the industry. 


There are many benefits of taking an undergraduate course in fashion design. Although many clothing designers are naturally talented, there is no substitute for learning the details of a modern fast-moving industry. Basic skills and process skills are built from scratch to increase flexibility and employability.

The cost of a Bachelor of Fashion Design varies across different programs and countries. Contact the schools you are interested in for more information on the details of financial aid and tuition.

After completing a Bachelor of Fashion Design, graduates can access a wide variety of exciting and lucrative jobs throughout the fashion industry. Many alumni of the program find careers in the field of fashion design as innovative designers, executives in the apparel business, design masters, textile specialists, and other prestigious professional jobs. Fashion used to be a rising and changing field. 

Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design can be the first step in a highly successful fashion career just like how you can succeed well after taking an accounting course in malaysia. To learn more, start exploring the Widad website today. Search for your program and contact directly the admissions office of the school of your choice by filling out the request form.


What Influences Our Grocery Shopping Experience

There are so many different things that can change our mood, feelings, emotions and behaviour. External factors and internal factors, both play a crucial role in how we perceive our world. The same goes to our consumption habits. Especially grocery consumption. How we do our grocery shopping is heavily influenced by various factors in the environment as well as how we feel about the experience of grocery shopping. 

Some people love shopping for their groceries online and can spend unlimited hours on their fresh grocery delivery in Selangor. On the other hand, others love a good in-store shopping experience. Most of us tend to love taking out shopping carts and mindlessly going through the supermarket aisles and exploring new product opportunities. There is something extremely satisfying about getting our grocery list ticked and stocking up our home with the things we love. And ofcourse, there is always a psychological process why impulse buying and grocery shopping are so pleasurable for many of us. 

But let’s take a closer look at what modifies and influences our grocery shopping experiences. These influential factors have great implications for grocers and store owners who are trying to improve the customer’s journey. 

Appetite And Hunger 

It is quite impossible to separate the role of our senses and the influence it has on our shopping experience. Our senses include the sense of touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing. Every time we enter a bakery shop we are overly consumed by the smell of freshly baked bread and cookies. When we enter a grocery shop we are met with a myriad of smells, touches, and tastes. The fusion of citrus smells from the lemons, fresh earthy smells from lettuces and other healthy greens, and heavenly smell coming from plump bread, there are more than one smells to resist as we explore. Our appetite and hunger is greatly stimulated by these senses and these inevitably play a role in our grocery shopping experience. The fresher the products smell and the more visually appealing they are, the more tempted we are to buy them. 

Music And Other Noises 

While smell and sight situate our appetite, what else stimulates our shopping experience? Our sense of hearing is also a part of the experience hence, the use of music. Many grocery stores and supermarket chains use music to fuel and energize our shopping journey. Slower and melodic tunes can make us shop longer while louder and happier music can make us move faster and energetic. 

In-store Promotions

What motivates us more than the pursuit of saving money? Many customers agree that receiving an in-store coupon or any other promotional sample boosts their motivation to shop. It aids their shopping experience and makes it more memorable as well. It is also likely that the customer will come back to the same shop they received the coupon and sales promotion in the hopes for more. This is a fantastic aid to build brand loyalty and keep customers engaged. 

The more grocery shops take initiatives to take care of the customer’s needs, preferences, senses, and motivations the better their shopping experience becomes! 


How To Embark On A Long Distance Relationship And Not Lose Feelings

Many people claim distance as a mere number but whoever has been in a long distance relationship knows it is not the easiest. It has completely twisted the primary motive of a relationship : to be there when our partners are in need. Your internet connection from unifi broadband may be adequately stable to conduct a 24 hours long video call, this advancement can never surpass the potential of being in each other’s presence. However, there are circumstances when we are not given the option on whether or not to be separated by distance, in that case, we have to adapt. It may be difficult and there will be times when you feel like giving up, but rather than calling it off, here are some alternatives for you to initiate for the sake of your relationship and not lose feelings. Whenever you feel like giving up, think about the reason your story with your partner begins, and the ups and downs both of you as a team have significantly overcome throughout the months or years; that would have you think twice. 

Maintain Consistency In Communication 

Now that physical presence is non-existential, a consistent communication must be run regardless. The both of you may not be capable of being each other’s presence for the time being, but a loving morning message can make a huge difference. After that, do not stop there. Ask them about their day, what have they done, have them update you on their health so on and so forth. Suppose they have just gone through a bad day, there are little things you can do to brighten up their day, for example, order them their favorite food through food delivery service, get them a bouquet of flowers; though you are not physically present to make their day better, these actions can. Saving up your budget may be a good life-habit, but break down those restrictions when necessary, especially for your partner. It is for the greater good ultimately. 

Be Patient

Understand that a change of behavior in your partner is highly anticipated due to distance, and that is completely normal. Rather than raging over it, forgive and forget because nobody wants to feel this way; it is almost a withdrawal symptom of two attached partners being separated by distance unwillingly. When you miss somebody so badly and there is little to no way to reunite with them anytime soon, you begin to experience a sense of irritation and frustration, as things are not going your way. In case you ever felt that way, be patient and stay optimistic. Do not let a temporary feeling ruin the empire both you and your partner have established throughout the years.